About Tru-Colors Painting Service

Tru-Colors Painting Service are the people to talk to for all your interior & exterior painting needs. Serving the Madison WI region for more than 20 years, we have a great experience with what the local property owners like. Our rates, equipment and painting contractors, are all the difference between a gorgeously looking room and a disaster. Our team can accomplish excellent results. All you need to do is contact our office and ask for a quote. We deliver painting service according the highest standards in the business.

Work examples. Tru-Colors Painting Service delivering interior and exterior painting in Madison, WI.

Let our drywall contractors make your home looks better.

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During the years, Tru-Colors Painting Service proved as one of the professional drywall painters in Madison WI. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced painters who can cope with every type of drywall and painting services you may need or want. We know how to make your house looks like a new one and even better!

Our main purpose is to bring our customers the highest quality painting services possible on affordable prices.┬áTru-Colors Painting Service knows what its customers want and we always strive to bring them even more. When you hire our painters, we will come to your place to discuss what you want and to decide how we will realize it. You can be sure that the final result will be the one you’ve expected. So, when you need drywall contractors in Madison WI, just contact┬áTru-Colors Painting Service.

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