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Tru-Colors Painting Service has been serving Madison, WI and all surroundings for more than 20 years, now. The company is one of the top-rated painting experts in the area.


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Part of the fields of expertise that Tru-Colors Painting Service can cover is drywall repairs. Click below to learn details about our drywall service.


What we offer?

We specialize in residential painting and drywall repairs. Our contractors are experienced & capable to completing any project in time and withing budget.


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Do not hesitate to contact one of our professional painters and ask anything considering our field of service. We strive to delivering high-quality painting service.


What makes drywall the preferable material

Drywall is a revolutionary material that people have been using since 1894. Over the next few decades it evolved and became the preferable material for the finishing of walls and...

3 Things You Should Do before Starting a Drywall Repair

What You Need to Take Care of before a Drywall Installation Drywall, also known as wallboard, sheetrock, or just rock, is very common in any construction work. It’s very popular...

How to Repair Minor Drywall Issues on Your Own

Professional Tips for Doing a Decent Drywall Repair Drywall is a wall insulation material that needs to be properly coated before painting. It comes in large sheets that are attached to...

18th Oct 2013
Painter working on an exterior project

What Kind of Drywall Material Should I Use for My Home?

Tips from a Drywall Contractor on Choosing the Most Appropriate Material for Your Needs Drywall materials come in many shapes and sizes. They vary in both structure, contents and purpose....

Four Things You Should Look for in a Drywall Repair Company

What Qualities Should a Good Drywall Contractor Have? Drywall is a kind of wall finish that has to be done precisely. It’s usually done before a painting job and it...

11th Oct 2013
Exterior painters at work

What Mistakes Can You Make When Painting Your Home?

Three Things You Should Consider before Starting an Exterior Painting Project We already told you what we thought about the options you have for exterior painting, but there are a...

How to Pick the Most Suitable Wall Color for Your Home

What Paint Color Should I Choose for Exterior Painting? If you are planning to paint the entire exterior of your home without professional assistance, you are going to have a...