What makes drywall the preferable material

Drywall is a revolutionary material that people have been using since 1894. Over the next few decades it evolved and became the preferable material for the finishing of walls and ceilings. But what makes drywall such a good choice and what are its advantages compared to regular plaster? Here is some information that can help you answer that question for yourself.

Drywall contractorThe first and most important quality of drywall is its easy installation. Every drywall contractor knows that a job that takes weeks to be accomplished by plaster application can be done in a day or two by professionals using drywall. This speeds up the finishing process of wall erection quite significantly. On top of that, applying it saves money and time for homeowners and buyers alike. One week of hard work for the applying of plaster costs a lot more than that of drywall.

Although drywall is not waterproof and that makes it quite vulnerable to humidity exposure, this problem can be resolved in a simple procedure. Waterproof drywall is quite common these days and it is not a problem if you require it to have that property. The layer of paper that supports the gypsum core is replaced with a greenboard or cement board. That way mold can no longer appear and you can apply drywall in places with high humidity levels.

Another important quality of the drywall is its high fire resistance level. Gypsum is a material that contains the water of crystallization, bound in the form of hydrates. That allows drywall to serve as a passive fire protection layer. If a fire starts spreading in a room, the one next to it will be safe. It will not suffer an increase in temperature, until all of the water in the gypsum is evaporated. Therefore, the more layers of drywall that are applied to a wall, the more increased is its fire resistance. Of course, the special Type X drywall was developed to provide optimal protection and if you want to make a wall fireproof, you should use that product.

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