How to Pick the Most Suitable Wall Color for Your Home

What Paint Color Should I Choose for Exterior Painting?

If you are planning to paint the entire exterior of your home without professional assistance, you are going to have a hard time. The actual work is far easier than the preparations that precede it. You will have to decide on the type of paints, the finish, colors and so on. After that, you will have to plan the actual work process and make sure everything is prepared, and waiting for you.

Exterior painterThe job of a professional painter can be pretty hard. If you choose to do your home’s exterior painting on your own, you may find out just how tough it can be. And if you are not experienced in painting, it can be even harder for you. That’s why we advise you to hire a contractor for the actual painting.

What you can do to lower your expenses should you choose to hire a contractor, is provide the paints and get the place ready for painting. Picking the right color for exterior painting can be hard, so we have a couple of tips for you:

Black. This color is definitely out of the question for a residential building exterior. Besides looking scary, it’s also bad because it makes the building look smaller compared to others.

White. This is one of the more commonly used colors, although it’s rarely used in its purest and whitest form. It’s usually mixed with other colors so it doesn’t look too emotionless.

Red. It’s uncommon for exterior but not impossible. It’s a very strong color. It looks aggressive, royal and luxurious. It’s used mostly in contemporary designs.

Yellow. This is a very popular wall color, especially the lighter shades. It makes the house look bright, big, spacious and clean. Yellow houses look more sunny and peaceful than others.

Green. The brighter shades of green are very relaxing, as long as they don’t clash with the rest of the surrounding colors. Darker shades of green are seldom used because they feel colder and darker, which is not something you would want for your home.

Blue. Just like green, blue is very soothing and relaxing, as long as it’s in brighter shades. Dark blue buildings look smaller and colder compared to other blue houses. The brighter it gets, the more childish it may seem, so if you choose blue, you will have to go with your gut, and see what happens.

Our advice to choosing the best color for exterior painting, is to combine colors and go with something bright and warm. If you have any problems with that, Tru-Colors Painting Service will be more than happy to assist you. We are located in Madison, WI, so give us a call! – (608) 333-2595

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