How to Repair Minor Drywall Issues on Your Own

Professional Tips for Doing a Decent Drywall Repair

Drywall is a wall insulation material that needs to be properly coated before painting. It comes in large sheets that are attached to the walls with nails and sometimes drywall cement. They are quite easy to damage, however, and that can cause some issues, especially if you are paying rent. Punching holes in drywall is a time honored tradition among angry people. Drywall repair is not a tradition, but it’s gaining popularity fast.

There are three types of drywall damage you may have to repair – minor, regular and severe.

Drywall repairA surface crack, for example is a minor drywall defect. Such cracks are most likely to appear where the sheets of drywall meet. So, it can be either horizontal, or vertical. Poke it with a drywall spatula to determine the depth of the crack. After that, use the spatula to fill the crack with joint compound. Leave it to dry for a while, then sand it and paint over it.

If you take a bat and shove it through the drywall, this would cause some major damage and the drywall repair would require a different approach. In such cases, you need to cut out the rest of the drywall around the damaged area, so that it forms a rectangle. Use a drywall saw, or anything you feel good working with.

Once that’s over with, find a suitable piece of wood, plywood for example. Put it through the hole and screw it to the back of the sheets. Make sure the heads of your screws sink a bit into the material. With that done, your drywall repair is half way done.

The next thing to do, is cut out a piece of sheet to fit the hole. Screw it to the backer board so it doesn’t move and treat it with joint compound. Do your best to make it even and don’t forget to cover the nail heads. Once the material dries, give it a good sanding and paint over it. With that, you are free to punch another wall, although we don’t recommend it.

If you fail to repair the damage in time, and your landlord is threatening to visit your place soon, we can lend you a hand. Tru-Colors Painting Service is a professional drywall repair and installation company with many years of experience in the field. For any drywall emergencies on the territory of Madison, WI, give us a call at – (608) 333-2595!

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